Of Many Names (3 of 6)


Satan- “adversary”

Upon expulsion from Heaven God gave him the name satan. In his retaliation against God he became the adversary and was given a name to identify him. This quality is the easiest way to identify his work on earth. If something it is not of God, it is contradictory to His word and character. It is the work of the adversary. God created all things for His glory. He created us to be in loving relationship with Him. Anything that takes us away from focusing or relying on God is the work of the one who looks to destroy God’s design. Namely SIN. Examine your life and see what it is that takes precedence over God’s Lordship. What holes in your heart are filled with things that aren’t Jesus? God is the God of Heaven, satan is the ruler of this world. Satan being the adversary means that worldly things seek to satisfy a longing in your heart, designed for God, and draw you way. Focusing on pleasure that falls short of God’s eternal fulfillment puts you on a path away from God, which is toward His adversary.


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