Of Many Names (2 of 6)


Lucifer- “morning star”

This was his name when he was in Heaven. He was the highest of all angels. People think of him as ugly/with horns/long tail. That’s one of his deceptions. The truth is that he is physically beautiful, tempting, falsely fulfilling. He will be the most beautiful thing anyone gets to know unless they seek the Creator. His fall came when his pride separated him from God. He became jealous over God’s most prized creation. Now that he is banished from Heaven he seeks to destroy the relationship God created us to have with Him. The deceiver looks to discredit God and take away His glory, which is the entire reason we are here. There is a battle for your heart that originated in Heaven. This fallen angel is a roaring lion that prowls seeking to devour the objects of his envy. (1 Peter 5:8)


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