Of Many Names (4 of 6)


Beelzebub-”lord of the house”

It’s clear that the deceiver is the ruler of this fallen world. It falls further into chaos every day. This is also translated as the “lord of dung” or “lord of flies”. We need to realize that this house called earth is outside of Heaven, it is fallen. Sin has taken what God created and made it a shadow of its original design. We were meant to be in fellowship with God as Adam and Eve were. That was God’s desire and original intention. Then the lord of this earth, banished from Heaven and adversary of God, stepped in to darken the hearts of man. He wanted to taint this world with idols that suit man’s fallen sense of satisfaction. He allows people to prosper so that they have no physical need for God. He blankets their hearts with lesser things and causes them to grow hard. He lets other people see what prospering in his house looks like and they miss that we are meant for so much more. They become blind to what is on God’s table, and settle for the scraps left to the deceiver. Choose to be a child of the God of Heaven and not a servant to the lord of this fallen, ugly world.


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