Spirit Filled Life

Be Filled by His Spirit


Each person has a unique way of sensing the world around them. We all have a way of absorbing information whether through seeing, hearing, or doing. This fact becomes important when we realize that most people learn about God from another person. They learn about a God experienced by another person in the way that person is capable of explaining our infinite God. People fall short of God’s glory when they rely solely on other people for their information. In an even more fallible attempt to find God, people rely on Old Testament law. The law gives a rigid structure God was forced to give this fallen world when sin made it necessary. Laws were meant to guide His lost people back to Him and eventually toward the need for a savior. The rigidity of the law will leave a legalistic follower empty because God is not found in the law. Believers must rely on the Holy Spirit given when faith in Jesus, as our sacrifice for sin, removes our need for the law. We have access to the Spirit of God which is fluid and completely fills the human heart. The voids left through reliance on the law are erased when the Spirit fills God’s faithful and begins to mature and making the true nature of God clear to everyone. Knowing God involves allowing His Spirit to guide us to His nature as well as letting God speak directly to our heart. There is no better way to know God’s truth than letting His Spirit reveal it directly to our heart, without interference from a sinful mind. The renewing of our minds is found through revelation from His Word followed by reinforcement from the maturing in His Spirit.


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