The Gospel Life


As this world plunges head first into darkness and turns away from the word of God, we as believers must be the light always shining to guide the souls who turn to look back. Sinfulness causes people to look for a reason to deny the relevance of God’s word. His word would ask them to not be self-gratifying and turn from the shallow comforts of this world and toward faith. We cannot make them turn to God’s word, much less make them read it. Or can we? The only gospel that we can guarantee people will read is a Spirit filled Christian life! If we can reject the ways of this world and turn toward the life God desires for us, we can show the lost world the way back to our Heavenly Father, the Creator and Sustainer. While this sounds like an amazing opportunity it does come with a responsibility. Incorporating our fallen nature and ignoring God’s light can lead the lost further away from God. We must live lives filled with the spirit and glorifying to God. We cannot rely on the words of our mouths to provide God for people. They will recognize and follow a changed heart, they will also reject and flee from a life that contradicts lofty verbal ideals. Be God’s light as He shines in your life. Live a life that is better because its leader is perfect and abundant in provision and love. Live the gospel as God draws people to His light. Be the difference in every life God allows you to touch.

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