Time Capsule of God


God structured His laws in the Old Testament to keep His people faithful to Him and to keep their focus on the things that transcend this earth. He organized His people to move through history and bring about His will, our Savior! He gave that Savior a lineage and a people. Many of the things God did were meant to guide His people through empires and times that would have destroyed all other unprotected groups. God insured His will would be done and His people would thrive even in the hardness of their hearts. It was unfortunate that they became so attached to the rules in their culture that they were unable to see God when He became man to bring about reconciliation. They killed their Messiah because they could not see past the law. They missed its purpose. In the same way God structured the church to move through time. He created a hierarchy in Catholicism that moved His word all over the world. In just the same way human nature took over and God was missed as people were asked to rely on man-made rules and rituals. We now live in a time where technology allows each of us access to God and His word. This access to His word allows each of us to have a personal relationship with Him and be filled with the Holy Spirit. This spirit allows our new hearts to transcend this old structure and these laws that fall short of the glory God desires. We cannot make the same mistake and miss this access to God and kill His full glory with laws and hierarchies. Develop a relationship with God that transcends any available on earth. Take advantage of what God provides to you: His time capsule of Love, Grace and Mercy.

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