Characteristics of Godly Wisdom (Part 4 of 8)


(James 3:17)  But the wisdom from above is first (1)pure, then (2)peaceable, (3)gentle, (4)open to reason, (5)full of mercy and (6)good fruits, (7)impartial and (8)sincere.

(4) Open to Reason (willing to yield-NKJV)(submissive-NIV)

(of a person) having sound judgment; fair and sensible

No person, no matter how wise is perfect. The word talks about the wise not being above reproach and that a person willing to learn is wiser still. An open ear and a still tongue could be the difference between imparting wise counsel and creating a barrier with a person who feels judged, condemned and misunderstood. All of which reduce the connection and trust required to lead people to Godly wisdom. Being locked into a position and being unable to receive relevant information hurts every party involved in potentially wise and healing interaction. Even if all information is known, an open ear can lead to a connection that serves future purpose for God’s glory.

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