Our Journey in The Wilderness (Intro)



As I journey through the later parts of Exodus I find the parallels to our journey prying at my heart. I hear many people ask: ‘Why doesn’t God just show Himself to everyone in an undeniable way?’ or ‘Wouldn’t a just God save everyone?’ I believe that Exodus, Deuteronomy, and Numbers provide us a story that answers many questions about our current state. I want take the time to show the parallels that exist between the Israelites that followed Moses and the people of today. We have to remember what God did for the Israelites as they came out of Egypt and traveled through the wilderness. These people watched God plague Egypt, part the Red Sea, guide them by pillars of smoke and fire, provide all provisions they needed, and punish the unfaithful. They actually saw God in action and we still see them repeatedly turn from God and grumble in their desire to return to slavery. Not much has changed. We as fallen humans still struggle the same way. We still try and turn to this world for comfort. We still think that we can choose a life better than God can provide. Let’s see how the unchanging God acted then and now. I will present this in four parts.


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