Instead of God’s Kingdom (7)



Seeking longevity in life is common. If not longevity for the individual, it may be longevity for someone close to that person. God places people on this earth to serve His purpose good or bad. Their time on earth is used for His purpose however long that is. What each person should look to do is to live life to its fullest in the pursuit of the purpose that God place them here. We can’t focus on ‘our life’ we have to focus on the breath God placed into each of us and the significance of that fact. The main reason to mourn a life taken by the will of God is if that person didn’t know Christ and that they hadn’t found the eternal life Jesus pointed each of us toward by the will of God. (John 12:25) Whoever loves his life loses it, and whoever hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life.


As a follower of Jesus there is a decision to be made. Do we seek earthly rewards and pleasure or the abundance that awaits in heaven? This question pertains to many things: 1) possessions, 2) status, 3) recognition, 4) affection, 5) acceptance, 6) control and 7) longevity. This list is limited but should suffice in awakening the senses to the other ways people seek this world over eternity in paradise.

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