Fruits of the Spirit (Conclusion)



Life all boils down to the realization that we are on this earth to represent the Father who adopted us and gave us an inheritance that we could never earn and will never deserve. It’s through love that we serve Him, through knowledge of His word that we understand how, and through perseverance we see the lasting effects of following His light. We can look at all of the qualities (fruits) of the Holy Spirit as a reflection of our Father and His treatment of His children. We do unto others as God does to us. That’s the action of The Holy Spirit moving in our hearts and guiding our life. Many resort to legalism (the following of rules) to serve God. The laws created an outward order, the Spirit creates order from within the components. Rules and laws cannot bring about a changed heart, in fact they only magnify the problems. The need for the Spirit is clear in the inability to meet the holy standard of God. It takes the Spirit of God to be planted in the hearts of believers in order to grow, produce fruit, and reflect the sovereign God.


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