Finding God, Losing People


       As we grow closer to God we not only grow away from the things of this world we also create a distance from other believers who’s walk is different from ours. It might be that God’s timing or direction for them differs from ours. It is important to support those around us while still seeking our own growth in God through His Spirit. There will be times where people will be unable to support your steps and upward calling. That can be to your advantage in many cases. God guides your steps, lights your path, and is the source of your calling. Your first resource for growth in your spiritual walk should always be the Spirit God has sent to dwell in you. The Holy Spirit should always be the source of your conviction and truth. Allowing the Spirit to be your filter as you seek God through His Word and through Spirit driven sermons means you can receive what the Lord has for you specifically. The living Word of God can speak to you a different way each time you seek guidance through its pages. Allowing the Holy Spirit, which dictated every word, to speak to you with scripture means you can get exactly what you need in your time with the Lord.
        There are times when we look around and realize that our walk with God has brought us to a place of unique experience with Him. He speaks to us and grows us in ways that are specific to how He made us. There will not always be someone to share that moment with. It is those times we can take our love and gratitude directly to God, our Source. We can use those moments of revelation to worship and praise Him.
Seeking fellow believers to walk with is God’s desire, but we cannot rely on human counsel as our primary source of revelation and growth. People are fallible where God is not. He designed you and seeks to mature you in His way at His pace. Your growth will drive the right people closer to you and some people away from you. Some of the people who were closest to you in your worldly life will be the furthest from you as your spirit matures. Let God bring people into your life that will develop you through His Spirit. Seek God first and let the Spirit be your counsel.
       We are each uniquely design as part of the body of Christ (the Church). He created us and now grows us in different ways to strengthen His Church. Allow God to grow gifts in you that you can bring to grow His Kingdom here on earth. Don’t let people pull you from God’s unique design for you. Make God first and let His light shine forth from you to serve Him and His purpose for your life.

6 thoughts on “Finding God, Losing People

  1. Thank you Thomas. Encouraging word. I agree that we need to be just who God has made us to be regardless of what others say. Maturation in spirit I have found to be impossible in the crowd or group. When my wife and I learned to dance we found that personal lessons sure beat out group ones and that is also true in spiritual growth. Since growing into deeper intimacy with God is far more personal and involved it has to be very individual for each person. Far from the maddening crowd, far off the beaten path, deep in the silent forest we find Him waiting to spend time with us. If only for a time to be refreshed and to learn but He always waits for us to come to Him.

    Thank you Thomas for reminding us of this most excellent truth!

    Homer Les

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  2. Hi Thomas, I’m kim your mom’s high school friend and I love what your wrote! I was saved at 19 & love the word and following the Holy Spirit. I will look forward to reading more from your blog! It is my desire to share the gospel & pray with as many as possible! God bless, kim

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      1. I love listening to anointed preaching. My husband and I have done some preaching at the youth prison. My favorite is leading someone to Jesus! My daughter is 15 & in our area it is hard to find other on fire kids for her. Most of them are from Baptist churches. We are going to start a small young bible study for them. Any ideas? 🙂 kim

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      2. I’m always in favor of starting with one of the gospels so that they can develop a relationship with Jesus Himself. I feel that’s where most Christians fall short of God’s desire for His children. I favor the style of John. The focus should focus on who Christ is and not what He did. A Spirit filled study like that will place their walk ahead of 80% of most church attendees.


      3. Yes I agree. If they get to know Jesus and start hearing His voice they would realize He wants a relationship with them through the Holy Spirit! I’ll keep in touch with you! Since I love your mom, I feel proud of you, reading your blog. 🙂 The only thing we can take to heaven is souls! People are hungry for Him! Kim

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