Lesser is the Law


        God offers grace to fulfill a need most deny exists. He values what we need over the law. Laws were made to honor God and glorify His provision. Sinful man used that law to turn on each other with judgement that belongs to God, not them. Man used the law to glorify themselves and gain power. They used the law to become god-like. The law, designed to keep our focus on God was used by sinful man to create further sin and fallenness. The law draws us away from God. The laws were created for our good, but our fallen nature caused us to miss sight of the source of all good. If we focus on a love based relationship with the Father through the Son, we follow a path lit by His glory. We become in tuned with a walk that is greater than the law. The law won’t change your heart of stone. Loving God will give you a heart that doesn’t need rules. Morality will be written on your heart. The law is a shadow of what God desires. He wants your heart. God became flesh so that you could see an example of holy. He left Heaven to come alongside His beloved creation and show His desire for us. Man wasn’t created to obey laws, they were created to glorify God.


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