The Real You


                We all have a tendency to show the world the side of us we choose to reveal. We smile when we’re sad, we laugh when life hurts, we show strength when we are falling apart. Living like this over long seasons of life cause us to feel isolated both from people and from reality. We get so use to being accepted in certain ways that we develop a persona for different people based on how we feel we relate to them. It amazes me to see the undue stress we put ourselves under to be accepted for the things we are not, and losing focus of who we were designed to be. How much more beautiful is it to live in the fullness of who God designed you to be before time began, and to let the right people accept who you are without struggling to be someone else? I think we should all choose to be rejected by the people that would deny us in our authenticity. We have a God that sees through what we pretend to be. He knows what our hearts really desire and what they need to thrive. We have an idea of what we want, God’s wisdom knows without a doubt what we need. Be authentic with God and feel His acceptance of you. He created you to be the way He finds you. He will never be surprised by you. God knows every hair of your head and every sin you have or will ever commit. As you seek The Lord in prayer let him into the fullness of your heart so that He can make you whole. Let Him put the things that seem out of place back in order in your life and in your heart. You have to give Him all of the pieces if you want Him to work in completeness in your life. Don’t hide what you consider ugly or shameful. He sees you as His beautiful child, washed clean in the blood of Christ. He saved you so that you could come to Him. So go! Find the authentic relationship that both God and your spirit long for. No acceptance of people or things of this world will ever take the place of His love.

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