Fallibility of FEAR (Hatred/4 of 10)


Fear as Hatred

Hatred develops from a fear that there is no possible resolution. When things have become so bad that hope is lost, the safest emotion position is found when we detach. The easiest way to detach is to hate. Hate prevents any further emotional attachment. Hatred creates a selfish safety. While the heart of hate remains safe, the victim of that hate is left even more vulnerable. With that thought we can see how selfish and worldly a position of hatred is. Selfish and worldly are antonyms of what God is. Instead of hate, we must be children of God who seek resolution. Even if that resolution is not emotionally safe for us. Our God is a God of reconciliation proven when He sent Jesus to reconcile us to Him. When your emotion begins to develop into hate you have to rely on God to find resolution, and to give you hope. There can be no hate where there is hope. Don’t fall into a selfish position of hate. Don’t project your fear as hate and create a greater impedance to resolution and reconciliation. Be an example of God’s design.

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