Know YOUR God


As we grow in fellowship and relation with other believers we are exposed to the God they know. Most likely a picture of God painted by parents, older relatives, previous church experience, friends, etc. We are asked to come together with other believers to be able to more fully understand the Infinite God (Colossians 2:2). It is important that we show caution as we grow in knowledge and spiritual maturity. Humans, in there fallibility, have a habit of humanizing God. They attach their expectations and unfounded beliefs to Him. Some of these beliefs are given to them from people they trust as leaders. These leaders are fallible as all of us are. 

I challenge you to know God the way He desires to be known. The only ways to do that are from His word and from the silence in prayer where He speaks to your spirit. His Holy Spirit acts in those who receive it, in order to be an example of God to this world. You must know God’s truth through His word and pray for God to speak truth as He moves through you in His Spirit. Don’t let your walk with the Lord be less than it’s supposed to be because you didn’t seek God’s face with all your heart. Don’t let the mistakes and misconceptions of others guide you in your relationship with YOUR Heavenly Father.

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