Original Sin is Original Judgement


Think back to the Garden of Eden. Think about the devil and his temptation of Eve. What does he tell her eating the fruit will do? (Genesis 3:5) “For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” We have been victims of this desire ever since. This original sin and the resulting knowledge of good and evil made man his own judge. It made man think that he could rely on himself. It made the law necessary. Man judging himself drown out the true nature of God. Man’s judgement created condemnation. We forget that God is the only judge. People lose sight of the love found in God and develop a legalistic view of God disproven when His son hung on a cross to take away the law and give us a spirit that allows God’s true nature to dwell in our hearts. The Spirit of God convicts, in doesn’t condemn! Not only should believers not judge others, we should avoid judging ourselves. People overlook the grace and mercy of God and place a weight on their shoulders that they were never meant to carry. Eve’s experience in the garden shows that sin has placed judgment of others and of ourselves on our shoulders where love and mercy were meant to flourish. The darkness of this would make it difficult to move past our desire to be like God in judgement. This sinful desire in the people around us gives believers the opportunity to show the world the light of God through His Mercy and Love. Show the world who our Heavenly Father is and don’t let them think that taking His place as judge was ever meant to be our burden.

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