Spititual Maturity (Godliness)


2 Peter 1:7-9

The ability to persevere through the adversity and remain a light source in this dark world can now be added to the wisdom found in God’s viewpoint. You now find a place of godliness. Another way of seeing this is holiness. Taking this step is moving into the holiness God desires for each of us. You have become ‘set apart’ which is the definition of holy. This level of spiritual maturity not only sets you apart from the world but also makes you a source of godliness to those you are making their way up the same staircase. A firm stance on this step allows you to guide the brothers and sisters who might struggle to ascend these steps. You can be a conduit of God’s power to believers and non-believers. The next step is to put this godliness into action as an example of Jesus.

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