Meaning of Old Testament Law (Relationship)


Created Relationship/ Brought Attention to Him

God’s greatest desire if for this world to turn to Him in all of His Glory as: Creator, Sustainer, Protector, Provider. People then, just like now, like to take credit where God has been at work. God made His laws to continually guide His people back to Him. He not only desires our focus be on Him, but that we are in continually relationship with Him. His laws attempt to accomplish this but the sinful, selfish nature of people combined with their free will leave God wanting. So as a father He provides His guidance in His instructions. Examples include: Sacrificing of animals- God required the best that the people had. These were the unblemished, best, and most valuable animals. He desired that they let go of prized worldly possessions to focus on Him and the possession of His presence. Clean Food- God doesn’t want His people to be defiled with the things of this world. God wants a clean vessel that He can work in to grow His kingdom. This also kept His people healthy when they sought lesser items around them. The Sabbath gave the people a dedicated time to refocus on Him and remember His provision. God wanted them to continually return to Him and trust in His timing. His commands that pertain to exact dimensions and time lead the people to focus on His design. It wasn’t just obedience to accomplish the small details but the attention and relation to the importance of those details as they grow to encompass all creation.

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