Encounters with God



Encounters with God, whether real or imagined, draw people closer to God. It’s their faith in those moments that draws the glory to God. It’s the eyes to see, ears to hear, and heart to receive that take the coincidence out of God’s actions in this world. God created a subconscious that draws us closer to Him. That is why people admit that there is a basic knowledge of right and wrong. God works in your subconscious, in your heart, behind the scenes of your sinful will. There is a spiritual battle that takes place in our subconscious. It’s reminiscent of the angle and devil on our shoulders in the cartoons. One of the devil’s greatest tools is hiding the nature of the devil in the battle and pretending your own will is good. Acknowledging our sinful nature shows us that many times we must see that it’s our will on one should and the will of God on the other. Power comes from shining the light of God on the spiritual battle of our subconscious and following God instead of the deceiver disguised in our sinful will.

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