Missing Piece / Peace



                Each person has a missing piece/peace. In those who ignore the creator God, the missing piece is Him. In those who are walking with the Lord I believe God leaves another missing piece. The missing piece in both believers and non-believers is meant to bring that person closer to God but in different ways. In the unbelieving God leaves in them a yearning for His presence that many fill with the things of this world, which fall short of the Glory of God. In His faithful I see that God leaves a missing piece that helps us to serve His kingdom while here on earth. I feel that people can identify their missing piece by discovering which activities bring their heart in closest communion with God. For some it’s music that brings them to worship. For some it’s serving others. Personally it’s studying His word and opening the scripture in new ways that help other identify with their God.

                I have trouble identifying with people who are overcome by worship music on Sundays. I love singing in worship but feel discouraged that I can’t be as close to God as they are in that moment. I expressed this concern with a close friend and He smiled and told me that I better get used to it because that kind of worship is all we will do in paradise. Heaven is never ending praise to God. I sat quietly later that day and had something fill my heart. I believe that God left a void in me that leads me toward His scripture and subsequently He bestows discernment and understanding that sometimes surprises me when I read my own thoughts. I think we all have that void that gives us a place to serve in His kingdom. I think coming into His kingdom involves God filling that void in each of His children. He completes each of us and allows us to enter heaven whole. It is at that point we will have nothing in our hearts but love for God and the inexpressible praise described in Revelation. Everyone will be overcome with His presence and will spend eternity in complete awe of our creator, the sovereign God.


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