The Faith to Follow God


I see many instances where true faith in God’s greater purpose surprises and bewilders even the most learned Christians. People come out of amazingly difficult situations with a ‘bright light’ from a spirit made whole by our Heavenly Father, and those learned people feel that couldn’t really be the case. Cam people really do that? They want those guided lights to submit to man’s standard of dealing with hardship.

Shouldn’t we weather storms with child-like faith, holding the right hand of God and accepting His work/ redirection in our life? It’s made worse when that Godly trajectory is abrasive to the ‘learned’ person’s desires/ standards for God. One of the hardest parts of faith is discovering how the members of the church want to guide with personal preference while ignoring the Holy Spirit as it moves through the faithful. Acts 5 speaks of following God and not man. Faith is allowing God to lead us as people we thought were supposed to be wise counsel guide us in a way that contradicts what God has placed on our hearts. Much like the Pharisee who adamantly denied the guidance of the Christ prophesied for them to the point of murder. People have trouble believing that God can act in someone’s life in a way they might not understand. It doesn’t make them bad people. It’s their own version of a struggle in faith.


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