Plagues of Egypt (10)


Death of the First Born

                This final plague attacks Pharaoh directly. He is the ultimate power over Egypt and now God defies him as He has the other deities of Egypt. Unlike the other plagues the Israelites will not escape it based solely on their identity. They must sacrifice a lamb and be saved by its blood which is smeared around the doorways of their homes. The lamb must also be eaten which represents communion when the body the sacrificial lamb (Jesus) is consumed as we are saved with His blood. As the firstborn of Egypt are killed for their transgression the firstborn of God will also be killed for the transgressions of all who accept His sacrifice by believing in Him. This is the act that finally sets the Israelites free from bondage.


2 thoughts on “Plagues of Egypt (10)

  1. I’ve always wanted to spend more time on these parts of the scriptures to understand more 🙂

    Maybe pick up a WBC commentary or something on the subject 🙂

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    1. Study what these gods meant to the people and how God undermined their worthless idols while renewing the faith of the Israelites. There is just so much to dig into!!


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