Conclusion on Ten Commandments


               While the death of Jesus Christ paid the debt for our sin and made the law obsolete, that only refers to our salvation. Our love and respect for God our Father should instill in us a desire to serve Him and be His means of representing His kingdom. Our actions don’t amount to filthy rags in regards to our salvation but when we realize that out creator has designed a way for us to live in this world we should rejoice in His direction. Taking into account all of His laws and using them to direct us makes our existence in this fallen world better than we could ever accomplish on our own. Following heavenly guidelines sets us apart from the darkness and allows us to grow and lead others to salvation. God’s way truly is the perfect way. As we follow Him we draw closer to Him in love and trust. We are provided a perfect father to hold our hand with grace, mercy and love that we cannot imagine with our earth-bound minds. He is so much more than we can fathom and that is something for us to rejoice in knowing that He is everything, and above all things. His commandments were written to a lost people He desired for Himself and we are still those people. We wonder aimlessly having to be guided through hardships, then fighting against the pain in those moments when we ignore His light. He stands with arms outstretched waiting for us to return. There is nothing that can separate us from that unconditional love.


               As I walk through the gates of heaven when my time is done I can only imagine hitting my knees at the base of the throne, being washed white as snow by the blood of Jesus and hearing God say well done. I studied His word, followed His statutes and gave Him the glory He deserves while serving Him in this world with a love that fails in comparison to what He shows anyone willing to know Him. His laws were meant as a blanket in this cold world until we can stand in the fire of His presence and be warmed in His love. His word is alive then, now and forever. It is unchanging and yet never fails as the world turns upside down. Nothing compares to the comfort found in His hands, in His embrace, and in His light. I am thankful for the discernment that could only come from the Holy Spirit, alive inside me and the clarity He gives me that I know is only here because this is what He desires for me.


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