Blessed Away From God


                How many times have you wondered as a believer how people who deny and defy God seem to somehow never fall? We see wealthy people who go to any means to increase their financial position. We see bosses who treat people terribly and still get promoted. This should never detour us.  We should focus on what the Lord has for us and not compare ourselves to others. They are meant to walk a path far different from ours. The thought does leave us curious though. I was always of the opinion that some people need a bigger fall in order to submit to God. They needed to take a bigger loss to lose dependence on earthly things and seek the eternal. I still believe that is true for many but another thought came to me. What if the deceiver bestows earthly gifts to create the sense of dependence that drives people from God? What if the deceiver provides so many earthly things that people accept idols over God? Maybe an atheist billionaire is the deceiver’s way of convincing those who are weak in faith that they don’t need God, that this world is enough to satisfy the yearnings of our hearts. God leaves the emptiness in our hearts in order that it might be filled by Him. It makes sense that the deceiver would use this common trait to attack with false fulfillment. Is the deceiver clever enough to try and use the finite things of this earth to draw us away from the eternal fulfillment of God? Is it possible that satan would try and bless us away from our Savior? When we examine the extent at which he tempts man in defiance of the true God I don’t see why this clever tactic wouldn’t also be used. Don’t be drawn away by earthly idols and this darkened world. Let the light of God light the path that He created for you before the beginning of time and find your life in the eternal things that will last as sin and the gifts of the devil fade into nothingness when Christ comes to take us home.

Sense of God (Conclusion)


Unimaginable God

We read through this long winded build up to open up the idea that the world around us is a different place for each of us. It helps us to appreciate our differences as well as our similarities. We can look at the list above and realize that God encompasses all of those things because He is all things. Anything we perceive is created by God. Our ability to perceive those things and subsequently God is determined by the way God uniquely designed each of us. Let’s make the above example a math problem for explanation sake. We listed seven senses where many more have been added by science. Let’s say we are 90% similar in our perception through each sense, which I think is a bit high. With 90% as our guess we multiple 0.9 coherence for each sense (0.9*0.9*0.9*0.9*0.9*0.9*0.9) = 0.4783. This means that with an over estimated similarity and an underestimated number of ways to sense the world, we only have a 47.83% similarity of experiencing this finite world. How different can an infinite God be to each of us? This goes to show why it is so important that we rely on a personal relationship with God through the Holy Spirit and Scripture to know our God. How uniquely He communicates and guides each of us. I feel that it is important that each of us understand this concept and that teaches of the Word instill in their students how to discover God and His work in their individual lives. Rely less on a picture of God and more on the unique relationship He desires with each of His chosen people. Each person is design for a unique purpose, in a unique way. We must open up the eyes of the faithful to the amazing ways that God can work through them. We must not put the unimaginable God in a box the size of our understanding. We must be comfortable with the fact that we can never fully understand God. We understand what He wants us to understand and we know God the way we were meant to know our Heavenly Father.